Local DJs

Want to DJ but don't know where to begin, or you've done it before and want to again? Contact us!

DJ Austin


Convinced to come out to a country bar in San Antonio, TX in 2018, Austin was hooked on dance! From that day forward, Austin was into the country scene, right up until a group came and westie bombed the bar. He knew then that was what he really wanted to do and hasn't looked back.

DJ Frizz


For more than 13 years, immersed in the captivating rhythms of West Coast Swing, Lizzy Spann, aka DJ Frizz, has soared through national competitions, currently ascending as an All-Star. Her dual passion for dance and music intertwines seamlessly — whether competing or enhancing dance events as a DJ — yet it’s the connection of social dancing that truly ignites her soul, a passion she wholeheartedly shares as she teaches, fostering joy and connection within the West Coast Swing community. 



Jalene Haramia, aka DJalene, started deejaying West Coast Swing dances locally in 2017 in Washington, DC and never stopped! She now regularly DJs for events across the United States including MADJam, Swing Fling, DCSX, Swingcouver, Swingtime, Liberty, and more! She has helped coach brand new local WCS DJs and is known for her gooey late-night sets that keep you dancing all night!

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